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  • Why Grufèt Foods and not any other off-the-shelf brand?
    There are tons of companies which promise superior quality products under reputed brand names. And in most instances such products make a huge dent on your pockets, because these companies charge a premium for their brand identity. Grufèt is slightly different. We believe that product quality should be the sole premium which the customers should pay for. Grufèt's sole motto is to make superior quality products accessible to customers across the globe at affordable prices. Customers only pay for the product quality which they buy. That's it! And there's more! If you feel that our product is not worth what you are paying for, just drop us a word. We will issue a 100% refund, in CASH! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • Why shall I try Grufèt Gold Teas?
    Simple! If you are looking for best teas from Assam and Darjeeling which is mellow in flavor and strong in aroma, is grown in a chemical and pesticide free environment, is free from any adulterants like artificial colors, is affordable, then you should definetly try Grufèt' Gold Teas. We are sure you will relish the experience.
  • What is Assamica variety of Tea?
    There are four prominent varieties of Tea (Camellia sinensis) in planatations across the globe. Of these, C. sinensis var. sinensis and C. sinensis var. assamica are most commonly used for tea, and C. sinensis var. pubilimba and C. sinensis var. dehungensis are sometimes used locally. Of all the varieties C. sinensis var. assamica have larger leaves, give stronger flavors, give more rich and creamy liquors and is predominantly used to make high quality black teas. The CTC Chai teas made from assamica varieties have naturally high caffiene, malty flavours, pleasant notes of choclate, firewood and maple syrup and give golden liquors with milk.
  • Why shall I try Arabica Clásico?
    If you are seeking authentic flavors of an Espresso Italiano or the pleasure of drinking a luscious cup of a Cappuccino, we are sure, you won't be disappointed with Arabica Clásico. Though its an instant coffee, Arabica Clásico has the perfect combination of aroma, texture, roast intensity, body and positive odors which are associated with an Italian Espresso. And yes, being an instant coffee, it gives you an uncluttered way of relishing a delightful cup of coffee. Made from prime Ethiopian Arabica Coffee beans, Arabica Clásico has uniquely rich, slightly smoky aroma and flavor with hints of chocolate which is a feast for the senses.
  • What is so unique about Ethiopian Arabica Coffee beans?
    Coffee is extracted from the berries of several species of shrub of the genus Coffea. The two main commercially cultivated species are Coffea canephora (also known as 'robusta') and Coffea arabica. Coffea arabica is the most highly regarded and prized species and is native to the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, the Boma Plateau in southeastern Sudan and Mount Marsabit in northern Kenya. Arabica coffee tends to be less bitter and have more flavors than Robusta. Robusta strains also contain about 40–50% more caffeine than arabica. Consequently, robusta species is used as an inexpensive substitute for arabica in many commercial coffee blends. Arabica Clásico, on the other hand, is made from 100% Ethiopian Arabica Coffee beans to give that perfect blend of richness, flavor and body in the cup.
  • Why are Belgian Chocolates the best in the world?
    For starters, Belgium does not produce any raw materials used in chocolate production. Top quality cocoa is either produced in Africa or South America. So what makes Belgian Chocolates the best in the world? Well, Belgium's recipe for success in chocolate manufacturing comes from extensive training, refined and mastered through decades of iterations, good ingredients and unique tastes. Belgian Chocolates are ground so fine that it has a structure of just 15-18 microns giving it an ultra-smooth texture. Belgian chocolates have pure cocoa butter and higher cocoa content than most other native chocolate recipes. And perhaps this is one of the many reasons why, Belgium is known as the chocolate capital of the world We, at Grufèt have employed the best Belgian practices and sourced the best ingredients from across the globe to bring Bellveu for our customers, a chocolate which has true Belgian heritage and character. So go ahead and enjoy Bellveu!


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