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Product Description


  • Unsweetened Premium Dark Cocoa powder with very low bitterness, low fat content and bold chocolaty flavors.
  • Made from 100% Brazilian Cacao beans handpicked by skilled workers and harvested from prime Brazilian plantations. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR | NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS | NO PRESERVATIVES
  • BELLVEU Dutch Cocoa Powder can be used not only in bakery products but also as drinking chocolate.
  • BELLVEU Dutch Cocoa Powder gives excellent flavor, color and texture to a variety of chocolate based products like Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate Muffins, Chocolate Shakes, Choco Cookies, Choco Lava, Choco Fudge, Choco Ganache, Choco Mousse etc,. 
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders above $ 50/-

Bellveu Dutch Cocoa

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