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Product Description


  • A hallmark Darjeeling speciality, Emerald Green Tea is a fine hand-rolled Organic Green Tea which has been fired to perfection.
  • Clean and bright emerald liquor, sweet vegetal notes redolent of grilled greens. Its flavors are quite matured and gentle, warm and smooth on the palate, just right for slow sipping in the afternoons.
  • 100% Natural & Organic with no adulterants.
  • Harvested from chemical & pesticide free plantations.
  • Appreciated by both connoisseurs & sommeliers alike.
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders above $ 50/-

Emerald Green Tea - Organic

    • Take 200ml natural mineral water in a tea pot.
    • Bring to boil & add 2g / 1 teaspoon of Emerald Green Tea.
    • Let the flavours and aroma to steep for 2-3min. Cover the pot with a lid to prevent the flavors and aroma from escaping.
    • Decant & pour liquor in a fine porcealin tea cup.
    • Add honey / sugar / lemon as per taste.
    • Enjoy the flavorfull and smooth Emerald Green Tea.
    • Type - FTGFOP1 Green Tea
    • Harvest Year - 2022
    • Region - Darjeeling, India
    • Category - 100% Organic
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