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  • A house-special blend of Moroccon Mint, Assam CTC Tea and Ginger bits, this is an extraordinarily refreshing tea that's brimming with vibrant flavors of Mint and warm flavors of Ginger.
  • 100% pure & authentic Masala Chai freshly harvested from high grown Assamica Tea Bushes.
  • Strong and flavorful masala tea with clear, unimposing, extremely smooth and palate coating flavors.
  • Full bodied, rich & creamy golden liquor.
  • 100% Natural with no adulterants.
  • Harvested from chemical & pesticide free plantations.
  • Appreciated by both connoisseurs & sommeliers alike.
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GRUFÈT Ginger Mint Tea

    • Take 200ml natural mineral water in a tea pot.
    • Bring to boil & add 2g / 1 teaspoon of Ginger Mint Chai Tea.
    • Boil for 2 min letting the flavours and aroma to steep. Cover the pot with a lid to prevent the flavors and aroma from escaping.
    • Decant & pour liquor in a fine porcealin tea cup.
    • Add milk & sugar as per taste.
    • Enjoy the refreshing Ginger Mint Tea.
    • Type - Masala Chai Tea
    • Harvest Year - 2022
    • Region - India
    • Category - 100% Organic
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